Uncle-Steve's Photos -- Costa Rica 2003


Turquoise-Crowned Motmot

This Picture was taken at Buena Vista Lodge in Rincon de la Vieja. The lighting conditions were far from perfect so I used Photoshop to bring out the bird's colors.

To view the original, Left Click on the photo with your mouse. To return to the enhanced picture move your mouse off of the picture.



The picture was taken at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The waterfalls were impressive, but for us the main attraction was the Hummingbird Gardens.

The Hummingbird Gardens have plastic feeders and lots of birds who don't seem to care. I used Photoshop to remove the feeder from this picture as well as to sharpen the bird's image. Left click to see the original.


Caged Parrot

This picture was taken at a wildlife rehabilitation center on the road to Rincon de la Vieja. I used Photoshop to remove the prison bars. Use the mouse left click to see the bars disappear.